Trip Description & Itinerary

Palawan, which means “hero” is one of the largest archipelago’s in the world and home to the indigenous Palawano people.  This unique journey explores the remote islands off Palawan’s northern coast, and travels amongst island communities that are part of a unique sustainable eco tourism enterprise that’s helping preserve the environment and local fishing and farming traditions.  There are few tourists along this voyage, and is a opportunity to immerse in a culture and way of life that few travelers experience.  As we adjust to a slower pace and let go of our busy daily lives we’ll connect with the island people and explore the area’s incredible natural beauty, with it’s crystal clear waters, unique limestone cliffs, white sand beaches and unique biodiversity.  For the locals Palawan is known as the last frontier, and makes this truly one of the last unspoiled island destinations in the world.

Our voyage includes sailing 5 days/4 nights on a traditional Filipino Paraw sailboat. Instead of having a keel, the boat employs outriggers and is capable of sailing into shallow waters of protected bays and lagoons. The boat will be manned by an experienced 10-person crew, who know and have sailed these waters for years. While on board they will take care of your needs, taking care of all of the sailing duties, providing meals, and ensuring a safe and enjoyable voyage. If conditions are not prime for sailing, we’ll motor between islands, anchoring in a new location each day, and spending our nights ashore in authentic basecamps that are situated around local villages, private islands and secluded beaches. Here we’ll be able to kick back and relax, swim, kayak, fish, explore or nap at your leisure. There’s no pressure to be active or not – just immerse and experience this place at whatever pace you wish.

Our trip begins and ends in the Philippine capital of Manilla.  After an overnight stay at the Marriott we’ll fly to Basaunga island and check into our local hotel, enjoy a group dinner and evening tour.  The next morning we depart on our sailboat, and spend the next five days exploring the islands on our way to Palawan.

Our basecamps for the next four nights are remote, and there is no electricity once we leave our port in Coron.  It’s recommended that your bring a portable charging unit to change any devices during our voyage.  Accommodations each night will be basic, sleeping in open native beach huts with fresh bedding and mosquito nets.  There is fresh water and showers available at each basecamp, but are basic.

Upon arriving to El Nido on Palawan we’ll transfer to a local up scale resort for two nights where you’ll have a chance to freshen up and enjoy some luxury.  This will be an opportunity to relax and decompress after six days of remote accommodations and sailing.  We can either soak up the relaxed atmosphere, or explore the island on our final day.  We’ll depart on a local charter flight the next day back to Manilla for our final nights stay in Manila before heading home.

  • Day 1 – Arrive in Manilla
    We arrive in Manilla, check into hotel and have a welcome dinner.
  • Day 2 – Manilla to Coron
    Fly to Coron. Overnight stay in first class hotel.
  • Day 3 – Coron
    Day Tour on Coron.  Overnight stay in first class hotel.
  • Day 4 – Sailing Coron
  • Sailing off the coast of Coron.  Overnight on remote island.
  • Day 5 – Sailing Culion
    Sailing near Culion island group. Overnight on remote island.

  • Day 6 – Sailing Linipacan
    Sailing around Linipacan islands. Overnight on remote island
  • Day 7 – Sailing Linipacan
    Sailing around Linipacan.  Overnight on remote island.
  • Day 8 – Sailing Palawan
    Sailing to El Nido.  Overnight on at resort.
  • Day 9 – El Nido Island
  • Exploring Bacuit Bay off of El Nido.  Overnight in Resort Accommodation.
  • Day 10 – El Nido Island
    Explore El Nido.  Local flight to Manilla for overnight stay
  • Day 11 – Depart Philippines