Discover your level of energy and make a shift?

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. You, me and everything you see is made up of atoms that are really just tiny vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, each radiating its own unique energy signature (quantum physics has proven this). Therefore each of us is resonating at a unique frequency, and this frequency effects our thoughts, emotions and physical health. Ultimately we are much more than we perceive ourselves to be, and when we learn that we can influence and shift our energy through changing our thought patterns and the filter which we see ourselves and the world, we can begin to unlock profound secrets to improving our health, well being and happiness, breaking through any limiting belief or challenge that may be holding us back from the success and fulfillment we wish for in life.

As it turns out your level of energy can be easily observed and measured, and can help identify the areas where you may be resisting or blocking your natural energetic state. The Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) is a one-of-a-kind assessment that helps measure how you are showing up energetically, both during normal circumstances and under stress. It identifies seven different types of energy. Each level contains different degrees of both anabolic and catabolic energy, but the bottom two levels are generally considered the most catabolic.

Two Types Of Energy

There are two types of energy flowing through you at any given moment:  Catabolic and Anabolic

Seven Levels Of Energy

The Energy Leadership Index identifies seven different types of energy.

Each level contains different degrees of both anabolic and catabolic energy, but the bottom two levels are generally considered the most catabolic. As we move throughout our day, we are influenced by many factors which impact our attitude which effects our level of energy. This level of energy is like a filter through which we view the world. Your energy level can make a good day seem bad or a bad day seem good. Being aware of the filter we look through most often (i.e. the level of energy) helps us to intentionally change our filter if the current one isn’t working for us.

What is the Energy Leadership Assessment?

The ELI Assessment is an attitudinal assessment. Most of us are familiar with personality assessments (like the Myers-Briggs Assessment), which focuses on personality traits and types. An attitudinal assessment focuses on your energy and your actions. It doesn’t really have anything to do with your personality. The ELI Assessment measures your energy level based on your perception of what’s going on around you (i.e. your attitude of your surrounding world). Your attitude, unlike your personality, can be modified and you have the power to change it. The ability to change your attitude is what gives the ELI Assessment it’s power! Once you are aware of what type of energy you typically tap into, you have the option to use a completely different level of energy, which gives you options on how you perform each day.

The Energy Leadership Index was created by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) as a tool to evaluate your leadership potential and identify areas for growth and improvement in your personal and professional lives. The Assessment is only provided by trained and certified professional coaches.

The Assessment Process


After purchasing a package below, you will receive the assessment via email within 48 hours. The first step is block out 30-45 minutes of undisturbed time when you aren’t rushed or stressed in anyway. The assessment is completed online and includes a serious of multiple choice questions. You should answer each question as honestly as possible, but don’t overthink it (usually your initial response is most accurate).  After you submit your answers, the results will be sent to me (the results are completely confidential). At that time, I will contact you to set up our follow up call to discuss your results.


Once you complete the assessment I will schedule a results session with you, where we will meet together on a call (or Skype) to discuss your results. The day prior to our call, I will email you a condensed version of your results for you to read through in preparation.

During your call you will learn:

  • The 7 levels of energy
  • Your dominant and secondary levels of energy
  • Where your energy is serving you and helping you live the life you want
  • Where you are being hindered, or held back, by your energy
  • Ideas for how to modify your energy in order to upgrade your life


If you opt for the premium package, you will receive an additional call with me approximately one month after your results call. The purpose of this is to check in on where you stand with some of the ideas and objectives we will have discussed in your results call. It will also give you a chance to discuss anything new that has come up for you now that you are actively aware of the levels of energy and where you typically fall. This is a great option if you want to be held accountable for any changes or goals that are established in our initial session.  Accountability is absolutely the key to making any kind of shift in your life, and having a coach to keep you on track is a great option to help keep you motivated.  As an added benefit during this time I will be available for email support.


Take The Assessment

There are two packages for taking the assessment


  • ELI Assessment
  • 90-Minute Follow-Up Call To Discuss Results


  • ELI Assessment
  • 90-Minute Follow-Up Call To Discuss Results
  • 60-Minute Follow-Up 1 Month Later
  • Email Support


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