Do you want to experience greater clarity and concentration?

Mindfulness and meditation is quite simply one of the greatest skills one can learn in life. When applied properly it can be used in an infinite number of ways to support a person in achieving any goal or overcoming any challenge. Over the centuries many techniques and approaches have been developed, and there is no one right or wrong way, however some techniques are more powerful than others. I focus on the most powerful techniques, and meet you where you are at so you can achieve the most benefit in the shortest amount of time. In addition the approach we use is unique, in that meditation forms only one small part of the overall mindfulness program. To gain real benefits from meditation, it has to be put into action, and this is where we focus much our efforts – putting mindfulness in motion. If you meditate properly for 15-30 minutes a day, then it’s just a matter of taking that practice and applying it through mindfulness the other twenty-three and half hours a day. When you do this then your meditation becomes even more powerful, and you continue to build strength.  It’s no different than going into a gym and improving your physical strength and endurance.

Together we build a personalized mindfulness program, using proven techniques that focus on your strengths, and the areas where you’d like to improve and grow in your life. The program centers around five pillars, and integrating those into how you approach daily tasks, overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals. In the end the mind is a muscle, and this program supports your in strengthening your mind (and heart) so you can have more concentration, improved clarity and a greater sense of peace and fulfillment in your life.