Through outdoor adventures and training we help everyday people achieve the extraordinary.


The world is changing rapidly as people’s mindsets are shifting and consciously waking up to the world. People are no longer content with mass tourism, are becoming more value conscious and are seeking meaningful experiences, immersing themselves within their surroundings to establish longer-lasting connections and gain a better understanding of the world and its people.

Conscious travel is a mindfulness for the planet and the people we encounter upon our travels. It’s about thinking differently about the way that we travel: changing our values and perception of the world and seeing a destination through local’s eyes.

Our goal is to create a sustainable travel economy that gives something back to communities through local guides and provides the traveller with an authentic experience, not just a holiday. Whether through wellness and spirituality, eco or adventure travel, our aim is to make a positive impact on the world and enrich the lives of everyone we meet along the way, one footprint at a time.


Protect the Environment – its flora, fauna and landscapes
Respect Local Cultures – traditions, religions and built heritage
Benefit Local Communities – both economically and socially, and through service
Conserve Natural Resources – reducing footprint of energy, water and waste generation
Minimise pollution – reduce, reuse, recycle and compost where possible


We aim to tread lightly on the planet and aid in the protection of the environment. Our core mission is to bring awareness to plight of the planet, and the resources we depend on to live – the air, water, land, plants and animals. Through reconnecting with the natural flow of life that supports us, we hope to create a new awareness that allows people to live in balance and connection with the earth, and reverse the damage we are inflicting through unconscious consumption and waste generation.


All our trips and retreats support respecting local and indigenous peoples, their rights and their freedom to live in connection with the traditions, values and spiritual perspectives. We honor these ways of living in the world, and seek to be a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, helping to facilitate the growth and evolvement of all people throughout the world.


We believe one of the greatest resources in the world its people. Indigenous and local cultures are a reservoir of ancient wisdom and traditions thats value is beyond measure. Many of these cultures around the world are being threatened by the encroachment of the modern world and its vast need for energy and material resources. Once this great resource is lost it cannot be restored. Our goal is to be of service to local and indigenous communities helping them preserve their traditional ways of life, while attaining balance with the modern world. On all of our trips and retreats we seek to connect and immerse in the local culture, exchange ideas and knowledge and form connections between communities that foster peace, respect and compassion for the world and each other.


For all our trips and retreats we seek to employ locals where possible and purchase local food, supplies and services. Our goal is to foster sustainable tourism where local people benefit from our travels. On our treks we only use local guides, cooks and porters and we pay a fair wage in order to ensure prosperity and acknowledge our respect for these proud people.


Our goal is to have a small footprint where ever we travel. We seek to reduce our impacts through reducing our reliance on material resources, energy and water use, and waste generation. Many places that we stay have commitments to eco friendly and sustainable practices, and we support and engage them in continually improving these efforts. Where feasible we use local organic food, and eliminate the use of all plastic. Depending on the local infrastructure we also make every effort to produce zero waste, through recycling, reuse and composting. We also attempt to minimize our fuel consumption using low impact modes of transportation, and designing our trips where human powered travel has been integrated into the travel experience.


On many of our trips we integrate service as a way to give back to the people who live in and around the places we travel. Many of our projects revolve around infrastructure improvements and education. In exchange for our service, the community’s we visit share their way of life and wisdom, offering a view into their world and the possibility of seeing another perspective on our everyday lives. Through this exchange we are able to step into a greater version of ourselves, sharing our knowledge and expanding our capabilities to inspire others.


In 2016 we established a partnership with the village of Yanama high in the Peruvian Andes.  Our group donated 350 pounds of school supplies, which was transported by pack mule across the mountains. As it happens the horsemen who accompanied us on our trip were all from Yanama, and all the supplies went directly to benefit their children. Yanama is a small village of approximately 40 families which lies in the Vilcabamba range at 11,500 feet (3,500 meters).  In the future additional service projects are planned to support the school and infrastructure of the village.