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Be your own guru. Rob Harsh teaches us now to take control of the direction of our lives, before it decides for us.

Harsh has been an adventurer, personal and business coach for twenty years. He specializes in helping people be their authentic self through a technique he calls “changing the lightbulb”. In other words, changing the way you think about and look at things.

Being a cancer survivor gave him a unique perspective on life and the importance of taking control of your fate. He has parlayed this experience to help him coach others in reaching their truest authentic self and taking charge of their lives.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:
– How mindfulness can improve your day
– What Rob learned from cancer
– That all of the answers you want can be found within
– Learn practical and simple techniques to get out of your way
– The body is the ultimate mystery – we know the answers
– That mindfullness and meditation may be the single greatest
power a person can acquire in life
– How to get real about your story and its history
– That people become too smart and think too logically about
our choices
– That Our beliefs can limit us

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Step Outside The Lines. See The World Through New Eyes.

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