12 Things Mentally Strong People Do When Things Get Rough

When things become too much to handle someone who is mentally strong usually knows exactly what to do. People who are mentally strong are usually very capable of staying calm in the face adversity.

When life throws negativity their way they respond in ways that allow them to relax and truly think things through without getting all worked up. Below you will find a list of things most mentally strong people do in order to maintain their ‘cool’ when things are getting rough. If you aren’t already doing these things, you should be.

1. They talk less

They avoid saying things that they know will cause them more stress. They know when to speak and when to keep their mouths shut. This is something most people find hard to do.

2. They take things slow

They slow down when they need to. Mentally strong people are more than aware that slowing down is necessary when it comes to remaining calm. This gives their brain a rest and allows them more time to process what is going on.

3. They are mindful

They make sure to pay attention to their true inner feelings.

4. They believe in themselves

They know that they will make it through whatever life throws their way, this allows them to be more confident when facing negativity.

5. They get the proper amount of sleep

They do not sleep too much or too little. They know that sleep is important for our mind and body when it comes to functioning properly and do not cut corners.

6. They cut negative people out of their lives

They can tell when someone is dragging them down and will not stand for it. No matter who you are, if you are negative you will not be around for long.

7. They connect with positive people

When things are really getting the mentally strong person down he or she is more than aware that the positive support system (friends and family) they have will be there. They are not too ‘proud’ to turn to them for the support they so willingly offer. Even if it is just to talk things over they know this will benefit them greatly.

8. They turn to their favorite means of motivation

This could be something different for everyone. What motivates me may not motivate you and vice versa. I personally turn to motivational Ted Talks, within just a few minutes I have the motivation I need to keep going.

9. They welcome change

Whether the change is good or bad they welcome it with open arms, they know that in order to grow and progress further in life they have to continue on their journey. They do this no matter where life takes them.

10. They let go

If something is really bothering them but they cannot change it they are strong enough to let go.

11. They learn from their mistakes

Sometimes the tough things happening in their lives are their own fault and they will never fail to learn from their own mistakes.

12. They keep trying

If at first, they don’t succeed they keep trying until they get it right. The mentally strong person does not give up easily.

Being mentally strong is not as hard as you may think it is, check out the video for more information on being mentally strong and remember that no matter what life throws at you, you can and will make it through. You are much stronger than you think. You only get one life, live it how you want to and be happy.

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